Fruit Sushi

Fruit Sushi

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Our Core Ingredients.


Dates to bind. 


Perfect for an after school snack or breakfast on the run - our fruit sushi is a healthy option for sweet-craving kids and parents alike. Made locally and from 100% fresh ingredients with NO ADDED SUGAR, PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS/COLOURS - you can choose from 8 different flavours:

  • Pineapple, date & coconut
  • Mixed berry, date & apple
  • Banana, cacao & date
  • Double Strawberry & date
  • Apple, date & yellow nectarine
  • Kiwi, date & strawberry
  • Strawberry, date & apple
  • Mango, date & coconut


    Note: No nuts; no gluten; no added sugar; no preservatives; no additives; plant-based vegan. 6 month shelf life.